Biomaker Challenge Projects

           June 2017

  1. A cell-free sensor platform for the quantification of arsenic concentrations in drinking water
  2. A Device for Real-Time Monitoring of Protein Synthesis
  3. A low cost reusable microfluidic device for the detection of antibiotic  resistant genes in bacteria isolated from patient samples
  4. A low cost, point-of- care device to measure blood haemoglobin  levels, using calorimetry and infrared spectroscopy
  5. A low-cost colorimeter for accurate detection of colour changes in medical diagnostic tests
  6. A low-cost, pressurized liquid chromatography system for protein  purification
  7. A microdroplet incubator to establish 3D organoids cultures from oesophageal  adenocarcinoma
  8. A sensor to improve the accuracy of stereotactic brain biopsies for the  diagnosis of brain tumours
  9. An artificial habitat to investigate  Boquila trifoliata mimicry
  10. Cheap Do-It- Yourself Small Volume UV Spectrometer for  Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantitation
  11. Detecting alterations in ionic concentrations associated with  different cellular states
  12. Developing a self-regulating control system for intravenous drug  administration -- using aminoglycosides as an example
  13. Development of an anti-TFF3 functionalized surface to capture of Barrett’s oesophagus cells
  14. DIY bioacoustics
  15. Field portable colorimeter
  16.  Functional membrane-based integrated biosensing devices for detection and  quantitation of specific nucleic acids and other biomolecules
  17. Handheld syringe pump with heating element
  18. KNOW-FLOW/ A low-cost programmable blood flow system
  19. Low Cost Wearable Sensors Strain Sensors for illness  identification via Gait, Posture and muscle usage
  20. Low-Cost Multispectral Imagery for UAV-based Vegetation Monitoring
  21. Macrophotography of fern gametophytes using a DIY focus stacking system
  22. Microfluidic Turntable for molecular  diagnostic testing
  23. OptoFlow/ Optical flow rate measurement for microfluidics
  24. Puzzle-solving Bacterial Pet/ Imaging Platform for Microfluidics-based Reinforced Learning with  Motile Bacterial Cells
  25. Remote Environment Controller for  Experiments in Extreme Environments
  26. Sci-Fi Cam
  27. Ultrasonic Plant Height System for High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping
  28. An accessible, low cost, hand-held device for detecting counterfeit antimalarial drugs, using quartz crystal microbalance technology
  29. The Charge on Cancer: Using Induced Dipole Moment to Electrostatically Separate Healthy and Cancer Cell-Metal Nanoparticle Complex
  30. PiRMA: A low-cost rodent physiology monitoring bed for pre-clinical experiments
  31. The Charge on Cancer: Using Induced Dipole Moment to Electrostatically Separate Healthy and Cancer Cell-Metal Nanoparticle Complex

OpenPlant Fund Projects

July 2017 (projects 40-50)

December 2016 (projects 30-39)

  • Plant-ProChip 2.0: High throughput transformation of plant protoplast
  • Translating Nitrogen Use Efficiency from models to crops
  • The Green Mother Machine Reloaded
  • Development of a Low-Cost Micro-Environment Device for Root-Nutrient Interaction
  • DNA-mediated fusion of spheroplasts with synthetic liposomes
  • Ambient temperature preservation of cell-free TX-TL reagents for use in synthetic biology
  • Developing teaching resources for rapid, open and combinatorial genetic circuit fabrication in cell-free systems.
  • Accessible 3D Models of Molecules
  • Light sheet microscopy of cell sheet folding in Volvox
  • Developing Cell-Free Genetic Circuits and their Electronic Counterparts as Educational Tools for SynBio Students.

January 2016 (projects 17-29)

July 2015 (projects 1-16)

SynBio Fund Projects

November 2015 (projects 10-21)

  • SynBio Student Society
  • SynBioHub: Patent information system for synthetic biology
  • Synthesis of novel optimised lux reporters for eukaryotic systems
  • CamOptimus: Self-contained user-friendly multi-parameter optimisation platform for non-specialist experimental biologists
  • Reliable IP-free system for inter-chassis transfer of the high molecular weight DNA
  • A piezoelectric bio-platform to image and stimulate cellular interactions
  • Interactive web-based software tool for biological circuit design (Extension plan)
  • Development of a microfluidic device for high-throughput analysis of genetic circuits in plant protoplasts.
  • Bio-Hackathon
  • Low cost solution for high throughput bacterial electrotransformation
  • CELLUWIN: 3D printing for cellulose
  • Organotypic cultures as tools for functional screening of drugs to promote oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNS myelination.

March 2015 (projects 1-9)

  • Engineering of self­ cloning brewer’s yeast for novel terpene profiles in beer.  
  • 3D printed microscope
  • Interactive web­ based software for genetic circuit design
  • Novel bioluminescent reporters
  • DIY Biolab 
  • Flexible, low cost, live­ cell imaging platform
  • Faster engineering of cyanobacteria
  • Finding new recombinases
  • The Green Mother Machine: A microfluidics device for cyanobacteria