Claiming Funding & Ordering Materials

How to receive your funding

Funding will be distributed to you in order to purchase materials and any left over funding will be reclaimed at the end to benefit future Biomaker Challenge teams. 

Invoicing for funding via your cost-code holders:
1. You will need to provide the name of your sponsor (usually a faculty member) and cost centre holder and arrange a suitable institutional account.
2. Ask them to raise an invoice for £750 addressed to the Accounts Office, Department of Plant Sciences, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EA. (Attn. Del Hawtin,
3. The description should be: Biomaker Challenge 2018: [Project Title].

This should be straightforward for teams with members based in the University of Cambridge, John Innes Centre or Earlham Institute. In case of any questions, please contact Alexandra Ting at

Important reminders about funding conditions:

1. Please be prompt in requesting your funding. You will be expected to present your work and have it fully documented on by 27 October 2018.
2. Please find the original funding conditions attached- do review our expectations of you and what support you can expect from us. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if we can help you with the project or furthering its goals!

Picking up your Starter Kit

  • Each team will be provided with a Biomaker Starter Kit worth around £250. Please make arrangements to pick up the Starter Kit in the Dept. of Plant Sciences by emailing

  •  The Starter Kit will form a central platform for the training sessions that we will be providing. We will also be using a new (free) visual programming interface called XOD, which can be found at

Ordering your materials

Once you have received your funding via your cost-code holder, you are free to order your own materials and get going!

Ordering through us

 If you are an undergraduate or otherwise unable to set up a cost code through a group leader in order to manage your grant, we can assist with ordering for a small number of teams. If you plan to order materials through us, one order will be placed in early June based on items included in the original proposal and another in early August. If you need anything from a supplier that is not on the University system or in the interim you will need to purchase that and be reimbursed by an expense claim.

For the second round of ordering in August, please use the following suppliers and send catalogue numbers via this form.

Once items are received, you will get an email requesting that you pick them up from the Department of Plant Sciences on Downing Site. Very small items can be sent via the University mailing system.