Posters and displays from the 2018 Biomaker Fayre

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A complete listing of open projects funded by (i) the Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative at the University of Cambridge, the OpenPlant Synthetic Biology Research Centre and the Biomaker Challenge.

Biomaker Challenge Projects

       Summer 2017

  1. A cell-free sensor platform for the quantification of arsenic concentrations in drinking water

  2. A Device for Real-Time Monitoring of Protein Synthesis

  3. A low cost reusable microfluidic device for the detection of antibiotic  resistant genes in bacteria isolated from patient samples

  4. A low cost, point-of- care device to measure blood haemoglobin  levels, using calorimetry and infrared spectroscopy

  5. A low-cost colorimeter for accurate detection of colour changes in medical diagnostic tests

  6. A low-cost, pressurized liquid chromatography system for protein  purification

  7. An accessible, low cost, hand-held device for detecting counterfeit antimalarial drugs, using quartz crystal microbalance technology

  8. A microdroplet incubator to establish 3D organoids cultures from oesophageal  adenocarcinoma

  9. A sensor to improve the accuracy of stereotactic brain biopsies for the  diagnosis of brain tumours

  10. An artificial habitat to investigate  Boquila trifoliata mimicry

  11. Cheap Do-It- Yourself Small Volume UV Spectrometer for  Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantitation

  12. Detecting alterations in ionic concentrations associated with  different cellular states

  13. Detecting pathogens in sewage sludge

  14. Developing a self-regulating control system for intravenous drug  administration -- using aminoglycosides as an example

  15. Development of an anti-TFF3 functionalized surface to capture of Barrett’s oesophagus cells

  16. DIY bioacoustics

  17. Field portable colorimeter

  18. Functional membrane-based integrated biosensing devices for detection and  quantitation of specific nucleic acids and other biomolecules

  19. Handheld syringe pump with heating element

  20. KNOW-FLOW/ A low-cost programmable blood flow system

  21. Low Cost Wearable Sensors Strain Sensors for illness  identification via Gait, Posture and muscle usage

  22. Low-Cost Multispectral Imagery for UAV-based Vegetation Monitoring

  23. Macrophotography of fern gametophytes using a DIY focus stacking system

  24. Microfluidic Turntable for molecular  diagnostic testing

  25. OptoFlow/ Optical flow rate measurement for microfluidics

  26. Puzzle-solving Bacterial Pet/ Imaging Platform for Microfluidics-based Reinforced Learning with  Motile Bacterial Cells

  27. Remote Environment Controller for  Experiments in Extreme Environments

  28. Sci-Fi Cam

  29. Ultrasonic Plant Height System for High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping

  30. Real-Time monitoring of cell proliferation

  31. A light intensity meter to measure plant growth conditions

  32. The Charge on Cancer: Using Induced Dipole Moment to Electrostatically Separate Healthy and Cancer Cell-Metal Nanoparticle Complex

  33. Automatic size and weight measurements of fish

  34. Building DeepSkin: a low-cost state-of-the-art digital dermatoscope

  35. PiRMA: A low-cost rodent physiology monitoring bed for pre-clinical experiments

  36. Using stem cells to sense and report developmental signalling gradients: towards advanced spatial in vitro models of embryogenesis

  37. Improving Open Source Motion Control With Arduino

  38. A Place in the Sun: Creating bespoke spectral recipes using a simple LED Array

  39. An open source electro-pneumatic controller for integrated microfluidic chips

  40. iLAB: next-generation coding for physiological monitoring

  41. Open-source Lasercut Portable Incubator for Microbiology

OpenPlant Fund Projects

December 2017 (projects 51-61)

  • Focus Stacking for Teaching and Publication in Plant Sciences

  • Actin visualization: to disclose mechanisms of host cell reorganisation during interactions with microbes

  • Comparative analysis of cell free and in planta protein synthesis systems

  • Cell-free proteins synthesis as a resource for generating plant proteins

  • R for Proteomics' training proposal

  • Towards an efficient transformation system for legumes

  • Open-Cell: An Open-Source 3D Printable System for High-Throughput Cell-Free Screening

  • Development of open source camera trap powered by plant microbial fuel cell (pMFC)

  • Open Source Resources for Teaching Synthetic Biology in Low-Resource Settings

  • Design of synthetic plant and mammal gene regulatory networks using nonparametric Bayesian approaches

  • Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory Training Workshop and the UK-Africa Food Security Symposium

July 2017 (projects 40-50)

December 2016 (projects 30-39)

January 2016 (projects 17-29)

July 2015 (projects 1-16)

SynBio Fund Projects

November 2015 (projects 10-21)

  • SynBio Student Society

  • SynBioHub: Patent information system for synthetic biology

  • Synthesis of novel optimised lux reporters for eukaryotic systems

  • CamOptimus: Self-contained user-friendly multi-parameter optimisation platform for non-specialist experimental biologists

  • Reliable IP-free system for inter-chassis transfer of the high molecular weight DNA

  • A piezoelectric bio-platform to image and stimulate cellular interactions

  • Interactive web-based software tool for biological circuit design (Extension plan)

  • Development of a microfluidic device for high-throughput analysis of genetic circuits in plant protoplasts.

  • Bio-Hackathon

  • Low cost solution for high throughput bacterial electrotransformation

  • CELLUWIN: 3D printing for cellulose

  • Organotypic cultures as tools for functional screening of drugs to promote oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNS myelination.

March 2015 (projects 1-9)

  • Engineering of self­ cloning brewer’s yeast for novel terpene profiles in beer.  

  • 3D printed microscope

  • Interactive web­ based software for genetic circuit design

  • Novel bioluminescent reporters

  • DIY Biolab 

  • Flexible, low cost, live­ cell imaging platform

  • Faster engineering of cyanobacteria

  • Finding new recombinases

  • The Green Mother Machine: A microfluidics device for cyanobacteria