Multifunction shields

In the process of developing simple tutorial sessions for use of the XOD graphical programming environment, and control of Arduino-driven hardware - we have explored the use of multifunction shields to simplify the training session - to minimise fiddly and error-prone wiring during the sessions. The use of these shields can introduce clashes between their onboard devices and elements on the Rich UNO R3. Details of the Multifunction shields and their required ports are shown below.  


Shown above: Keyestudio Multi-Function shield V2 (£7.50), HAILANGNIAO Multi-Function shield V2 (£1.40), Open-Smart  RTC shield (£8.00) and Keyestudio Multi-purpose shield V1 (£7.50). Each shield bears a range of components accessing a variety of Arduino ports (listed above. Some of these clash with ports already used on the Protoshield Plus. Happily, it is simple to rewire the ports. We suggest making the following changes to the default settings of the board.