Hackster.io platform for Biomaker projects

We have set up a new platform for Biomaker projects on hackster.ioHackster.io is a very interesting new platform that supports the documentation of open source projects, and community building. It boasts over 280,000 members, and support from all major hardware manufacturers, retailers and open-source communities. It allows simple documentation of hardware projects, and provides a way of linking between projects that share components or authors. So it is a great way of building a linked community - with the benefits of global access and interconnectivity.



Individuals can start to build a portfolio of projects - and gain wider recognition for their efforts, with a link that can be used for one's CV or embedded in a personal website.

We have long term plans for Biomaker - and will definitely run the event in coming years - where we are keen to encourage follow-up and expansion into more overtly biological areas. For example, we are considering offering cell-free systems as part of next year’s challenge. The hackster.io platform should be helpful for this. We're hoping that the hackster platform will help build links between our academic lives and open-tech communities - giving us the opportunity to both build technical portfolios (that are CV-quotable), and open the work to a wider audience.

The hackster.io platform supports Github - so you can include all existing GitHub documentation. The hackster project layout is better suited to project description that GitHub - so may be an easier choice in the longer term - where GitHub can be still be used used for software documentation (which is what it excels at).

Contact Jim Haseloff or Jenny Molloy for further details.

Jim Haseloff