Documenting Your Projects

We have adopted as the web platform for documenting Biomaker projects. Hackster provides a simple menu-driven interface for easily assembling project descriptions. As projects are entered, the identities of parts are entered, and these provide a link to other projects that use the same components. The individual or team that own the project are also credited with this and each participant can build a portfolio of projects that they have participated in. For example, Jennifer Deegan has expanded her work from Biomaker 2017 in this way. Hackster provides personal web pages that summarises each person’s activities - a potentially very useful addition to a CV.

Biomaker teams will be required to document their projects via through the Challenge.  

Log in and create a project using your proposal as a guide (select the blue "submit a project" button). This will also have the effect of advertising your project to the ~700,000 users of Hackster.  Project descriptions can be easily expanded over the course of the summer. Projects can also be revised, and branched to create portfolio of related activities. You should submit your project to the Biomaker platform ( Hackster handles the mechanics of integrating your project with 10,000's of existing projects.

Hackster provides a knowledgebase with a wide range of helpful information to help get started ( Further, content can be imported from existing webpages, and Hackster provides easy support for code held on sites like Github...and there are regular contests and prizes available ( Hackster is an excellent source of ideas and inspiration for projects and for components. You can find a listing of the different platform technologies and partners at:

The Hackster discussion forum will be the main online platform for communication between teams (UK and beyond) during the challenge.

Biomaker projects on the platform

Biomaker projects on the platform