Field Portable Colorimeter


This field portable kit will allow you to make a simple, lightweight colorimeter that can measure the colour of any object against which it is placed. It works by emitting light with known properties and measuring what is reflected back into the sensor in three wavebands, corresponding to blue, green and red light. An infrared channel to the device so that a four-band reflectance spectrum can be measured and NDVI calculated.

The Team

Praveen TeletiScott Polar Research institute (SPRI)
Prototype Design and Build

Dr Gareth Rees, Scott Polar Research institute (SPRI),
Co designer, Academic & Technical Support

Sophie Weeks
Kit design and exploratory testing, public engagement

Project Outcomes

Project Report.png

Project Report

Project report and documentation on Github


Project Proposal

Original proposal and application


Project Resources

Hardware Schematics

Bill of Materials

Software Code