Low Cost Wearable Sensors

strain sensors for illness identification via Gait, Posture and muscle usage.


This project develops low-cost wearable smart adhesive sensors using soft sensors which allow detection of gait, joint position or act as smart bandages.  This will help with the potential identification of illness and also all the damage or impact/sports to help reduce the impact and also working to prevent future deterioration or injuries going forwards.  In addition to developing the sensors, work will also look at identifying applications and testing the sensors. 

The Team

Josie Hughes  Member of the Bio-Inspired Robotics Lab in the Department of Engineering with funding from the Sensor CDT.  With an undergraduate degree from CUED in Instrumentation and Sensing, I now focus on developing soft sensing for robotic manipulation, and this opportunity would allow the development of soft sensing for wearable applications. 

Project Outputs

Project Report

Project report and documentation on Github


project proposal

Original proposal and application


Project Resources

Hardware Schematics

Bill of Materials

Software Code