Microfluidic Turntable for Molecular Diagnostic Testing


Lab-on-chip platform facilitates the miniaturisation, and integration of chemical assays facilitating the development of point-of-care devices for resource-limited settings. Centrifugal microfluidics enables seamless implementation and parallelisation of biochemical assays. The objective of the project is to develop a low-cost modular microfluidic turntable to enable the rapid prototyping of molecular diagnostic lab-on-chip discs with minimal engineering expertise. To demonstrate the efficacy of our system, we will develop a lab-on-chip disc for the detection of a pathogen. 

Figure 1: Proposed Microfluidic turntable for molecular diagnostic assay. 

Figure 1: Proposed Microfluidic turntable for molecular diagnostic assay. 

The Team

Faith K. Mangwanya, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Contribution: Centrifugal microfluidics and instrumentation

Tiong Sun Chia, Protein and Nucleic Acids (PNAC) Division, MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Contribution: Biology and Biochemistry

Daniel Popa, Department of Engineering. University of Cambridge. Contribution: Optoelectronics and electronics 

Project Outputs

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Project Report

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