A Device for Real-Time Monitoring of Protein Synthesis


Our lab works on understanding how ribosomes are put together from their component parts and how this process is regulated by the cell. In this project we aim to design a tool for monitoring protein synthesis (translation) in vitro. We aim to design a simple device that will allow for the tracking of translation dynamics, which can be used for the discovery of novel translation-inhibiting or activation molecules and ribosome profiling for biophysical or structural studies. The device could also be used for teaching purposes and will serve as a prototype for a diagnostic device for the preliminary/quick detection of ribosomopathies, i.e. inherited disorders characterized by the disruption in the ribosome assembly pathway and low protein synthesis capacity - an emerging class of human developmental and cancer predisposition disorders.

The Team

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Maxim Rossmann (primary contact), University of Cambridge CIMR, Department of Haematology, mr579@cam.ac.uk. Maxim will contribute to the project with his knowledge of biophysics and will work on the development of the assay and device design. Maxim has experience in project management and also has worked on the development of commercial diagnostic tests.


Shengjiang Tan, University of Cambridge CIMR, st299@cam.ac.uk
Shengjiang will contribute to the project with his knowledge of cell biology and expertise in the ribosomopathies. He will work on the assay design and refinement.


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Norberto Escudero, University of Cambridge CIMR, ne272@cam.ac.uk
Norberto has expertise in molecular biology and genetic and will be working on the assay development and optimization.



Christine Hilcenko, University of Cambridge CIMR, Department of Haematology, ch@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk. Christine is an experienced protein chemist and will work on the assay development. She will contribute by providing high quality proteins and ribosomes.



Christie Nel, Scaturio Ltd., Cambridge, christie.nel@gmail.comSoftware engineer experienced in development of LabView applications and instruments based on platform. Christie will support the development of electronics and software.



Project Outputs

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Project Report

Project report and documentation on Github.


Project Proposal

Original proposal and application.


Project Resources

Hardware Schematics

Bill of Materials

Software Code