Open-source Lasercut Portable Incubator for Microbiology


One of the most used instruments in a microbiology laboratory is the microbiological incubator, it is used for bacteria growth, incubation of cells and tempered storage. This project aims to create a incubator that can be fabricated in a typical makerspace environment at a low cost while achieving the same performance as commercial units. The incubator features a parametric CAD design to allow the users to modify it depending on their volume requirements. Finally, the proposed incubator has two power options: mains-powered mode and battery powered mode for portable instrumentation in remote environments.

The Team

The team is comprised of the 5 members who are currently involved in WaterASCope- a not-for-profit Cambridge startup which aims to detect bacteria in water in less than 2 hours using a low-cost, portable kit. The skill set of the team is suitable for the development of the project and the individual roles are described below.

Sammy Mahdi: Sensors, heater and control electronics

Richard Bowman: Parametric OpenSCAD design of incubator

Alex Patto: Fabrication and characterisation of incubator

Tianheng Zhao: Software and device interface

Nalin Pate: Component sourcing and usability testing

Project Outcomes 

Project Report.png

Project Report

Project report and documentation on Github


Project Proposal

Original proposal and application