Automatic Size and Weight Measurements of Fish


Fish stock assessment is important to prevent overfishing. One element in the monitoring chain is to weigh the amount of fish caught by a fishing vessel. However, determining the size and weight of individual fish would give scientists, policy enforcers and fishermen much more detailed information, e.g. the number of juvenile fish in a catch, the size and weight distribution within a catch. As it is impractical to manually measure and weigh individual fish, we would like to combine an electronic scale with a camera and machine vision to determine weight, length and width of individual fishes automatically. A device which would be useful on an industrial scale is outside the scope of this challenge, however, we propose to develop a much smaller and simpler device which can be used by scientists during field work, makingmeasurements much quicker and more reliable.

The Team

Silvia Lucato Hadeler Addenbrooke's Hospital,,
Silvia is a fisheries scientist with extensive expertise in fish stock modeling and marine field work. She is also a data analyst at Addenbrooke's Hospital. Silvia will specify the requirements of the device and write the image analysis software.

Oliver Hadeler Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology,  Oliver is a physicist and engineer with expertise in electronics, sensors and open source microcontrollers. He will be responsible for the hardware aspects of the project.

Project Outputs

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Project Report

Project report and documentation on Github


Project Proposal

Original proposal and application


Project Resources

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