Diabetes diagnosis and management using Arduino and user interface through mobile

Project Summary

A quick diagnosis of the type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1) through non-invasive means is an ideal way to provide a detection mechanism for paramedics before the involvement of GPs or other specialty staffs. Primarily the diabetic test has been obtained with the urinary and blood ketone sample, however these methods are invasive, expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. The presence of acetone during breathing is one of the biomarker to indicate the presence of ketone level. The monitoring of the ketone provides an efficient means of monitoring diabetic level for its convenience and non-invasive diagnosis. Here I propose an Arduino Uno in combination of custom hardware designed with Bluetooth and NFC based development solution to capture and analyse the breathing for the presence of high ketone using a commercial VOC sensor, the system would have a rechargeable battery with Power management IC to be powered through the mobile system with BT/NFC interface, making the system self-powered.