MACRO-IMAGER: a low-cost multi-purpose large area macro digital photography phenotyping station

Project Summary

Plant phenotyping is time consuming, hence costly. Where data collection is not automated it is highly prone to human error. Incredibly complex phenotypes are often condensed to single digit scoring, leading to data loss. Where data is captured by sight, we propose a multi-purpose high- resolution phenotyping station to improve the efficiency, accuracy and volume of data captured. We plan to develop a low cost, multi-purpose large area macro photography phenotyping station, allowing users to build a full scale, incredibly high resolution, final image of large biological structures which we will leverage for phenotyping crop and non-crop plant species. The MACRO-IMAGER system will be designed to work on any plane of axis so that it is fully adaptable to the study of crop/plant physiology. We believe the MACRO-IMAGER platform could be rapidly adopted as a standard research tool for  integration into experimental pipelines that investigate the genetics that underpin plant phenotypes.