SAFE - Safe Air For Everyone

Project Summary

Many of us enjoy outdoor BBQs, where the charcoal and wood give that characteristic smoky flavour to the food. But can you imagine what it would be like to have a BBQ inside a garden shed? The smoke and noxious chemicals would make our eyes water and cause coughing fits. For the 3 billion people relying on burning solid fuels like coal and wood for cooking and heating, this is the shocking reality. In 2016, indoor air pollution from solid fuels caused 3.8 million premature deaths worldwide. Although governments and the WHO are promoting cleaner fuels, it will take years for solid fuel to be phased out. Through SAFE (Safe Air For Everyone), we aim to build a cheap and DIY-friendly air filtration unit and air quality sensor. We plan to use readily-accessible computer fans, 3D printing, biofiltration, and particulate sensors to create a device that can monitor indoor pollution levels and respond by active and passive filtration.