A low cost, point-of-care device to measure blood haemoglobin levels, using calorimetry and infrared spectroscopy


Existing haemoglobin testing procedures are ill suited for hospitals with limited resources, particularly in developing countries.  In collaboration with the clinicians who need it most, our primary objective is to develop a portable, cost-effective instrument capable of measuring haemoglobin levels to determine if blood should be administered to a patient. We will achieve this by designing, fabricating and optimising a platform consisting of a reaction vessel and integrated electronic systems to control actuators and sensors, for automated bedside sample analysis. We aim to combine various technologies to create a working prototype for a haemoglobin threshold test. Increased access to this test will decrease misdiagnosis rates and save blood resources which are often in low supply.

The Team

Steven Campbell, The Centre for Atmospheric Science, Department of Chemistry
PhD student, proficient in fundamental chemistry, optics, fluorochemical assays and instrument development. Will contribute to the design and optimisation of the fluorochemical cell and methods of detection.

Dr Ashley Ferro, Peterborough City Hospital
Foundation year 1 doctor with expertise in biochemistry and clinical medicine. Will optimise haemoglobin assay techniques and evalúate the suitability of the instrument for clinical diagnostics.

Dr Guillermo Sobreviela, The Nanoscience Centre, Engineering Department
Research associate in Microsystems with expertise in nanotechnology manufacturing processes and IC CMOS-MEMS design for integrated sensors. Will contribute to the electrical design, manufacturing and testing of electronic systems.

Kyata Chibalabala, The Nanoscience Centre, Engineering Department
PhD candidate in engineering with skills in bioinstrumentation, fluidics, electronics and molecular biology. Will contribute towards reaction vessel fabrication and general project tasks.

Project Outcomes

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Project Report

Project report and documentation on Github



Project Proposal

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