A low-cost colorimeter for accurate detection of colour changes in medical diagnostic tests


This project will aim to develop a low-cost colorimeter to detect colour changes in medical diagnostic assays, such as those for infectious diseases. The system will be intended for use in resource poor settings with the aim of improving diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity by removing user subjectivity from the interpretation of the test result. The system will be open-source and take a range of sample types to allow it to be easily adaptable to a large variety of colorimetric diagnostic assays. 


The Team


Andrew Stretton (primary contact),, Sensor CDT & Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CEB). Andrew’s background is in sensors and is currently working on a air quality device to selectively detect volatile organic compounds. He will primarily provide expertise and knowledge on sensor design and development. Andrew has worked on several optical sensing projects and will contribute skills and experience in electronics and device prototyping.


Cassi Henderson,, CEB and Institute for Manufacturing (IfM). Cassi’s background is in bioengineering and she is currently working on the development of the biological assay that the project will look to augment. She will contribute her expertise on the assay as well her knowledge of other colorimetric biosensors. She has also previously worked in medical device product development, so she brings skills in device requirement specification and project planning to support the project.

Project Otcomes 

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Project Report

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Project Proposal

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